Bottom of the Box Books

All my books must go!

I have opened an Amazon storefront to begin to sell the library of books I’ve collected over the course of my life. These books have been sitting in boxes for years, but now it’s time to send them to people who will give them good homes.

I have literally hundreds of books, and although I’ve donated as many as I could, I’ve decided that if I’m ever going to become a bookseller, the time is now. It’s a first step toward possibly being a bricks-and-mortar bookseller one day.

Bottom of the Box Books will be dedicated to selling books in pristine condition, since I’m very gentle on my books. Plus, I have a tendency to buy books and then never read them; so they are, to all intents and purposes, new. Most have been flipped through, and that’s about it. My first word was ‘book,’ so it appears that I must pursue this path to its conclusion, which includes selling books I originally intended to keep forever, which is not really practical, I’ve decided.

My stock will be made up primarily of academic texts; history, mysteries, non-fiction, and fiction/literature. There will be some hard-to-find books, and a lot of books that are in perfect condition and can be given as gifts. I will never ship a book I’d be embarrassed for you to receive. I have extremely high standards for the kind of books I sell; I would never sell a book to you that I myself would not be proud to receive.

Many books I paid quite a tidy sum for, and I’m now selling them for a greatly reduced price. There are books I chanced across while perusing the shelves of some obscure used-book shop somewhere in the world. You just never know where you’re going to find a great book that you then never read. This is why the time has come to help these books find their true owners, and you might be one of the people who properly owns these books, rather than me!  

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